Victoria Gets Her Nice Smile at Hackensack Office

Patient Success Story: Victoria Gets Her Nice Smile at Hackensack Office

Victoria is all of eighteen years old and loves reading and writing. She has always wished for a nice smile and had heard about Diamond Braces from her friends and family. So, she decided to pay us a visit at our office at 17 Summit Avenue, Hackensack, NJ. Dr. Papasikos took up her case and after an initial assessment, came up with a highly personalized treatment plan for Victoria. She agreed to follow all directions and her braces were fixed. Her progress was awesome and each appointment was a time for us to answer her many questions regarding her treatment. When the patient interacts and takes so much interest, we also feel nice and motivated.

Now that Victoria’s major part of the treatment is over, she is very happy with her “nice smile.” She wants to finish the retention phase also quickly and make sure that her teeth remain in their new positions forever. Don’t worry Victoria, our treatment comes with a lifetime smile maintenance  guarantee and if you meet all the conditions as specified, you will qualify for the warranty and you will never have to worry about your teeth or smile again. You can get more details on our website or ask our staff to explain more. The best way to take care of your pretty smile is to keep smiling and ensuring that you maintain your oral hygiene. Victoria has been one of those clients who we miss once they are done with their treatment. Victoria will be  visiting her regular dentist now for a complete check up and cleaning of her teeth. Now that she is moving to the retention phase of the treatment, we wish her all the best and hope to see her once in a while. Do not forget to bring in your pretty smile whenever you visit us Victoria!


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