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Can Invisalign Fix High Canines?

Many people are unhappy with the position of their canines. This is a common dental misalignment issue: if the teeth are too crowded coming in, the canines may grow in too high, crowded out by other teeth.

So can Invisalign fix this problem? In this video, Diamond Braces Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Oleg Drut explains why Invisalign alone may not be sufficient for straightening high canines.

Can Invisalign Lower High Canines

The first thing to remember is that the Invisalign doesn’t fix your teeth: your orthodontist does. That’s why a licensed, experienced orthodontist is your most important asset when it comes to straightening teeth.

Invisalign is one of many tools orthodontists use to fix teeth. While it is effective for many condition, high canines present a specific orthodontic issue that is generally beyond the scope of clear aligner treatment alone.

Instead, your orthodontist may put a fixed appliance – like metal or ceramic braces – on first, to slowly and safely bring those teeth down to a level plane with the other teeth. Then, you can switch to Invisalign to re-align all the teeth into their correct positions.

Usually, it doesn’t take very long to move the canines down. The braces treatment usually only lasts a few months, and then the case can be finished with clear aligners to achieve a beautiful, healthy, lifelong smile!