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Is It OK to Get a Tongue Piercing with Braces?

The short answer is yes, It is OK to get a tongue piercing with braces.

However, you should note a few facts about this.

The American Dental Association published numerous articles about this, saying that they do not recommend an oral piercing.


First of all, many people who have their tongue pierced play or fiddle with it. They can chip their teeth, fillings, or crowns. A metal bar pushed against the teeth moves them. Hence, gaps appear over time. Continual contact with the stud can cause your gums to recede and expose the root cavity. This recession will result in increased sensitivity to hot and cold, as well as cause decay and other more serious problems.

Then there are obvious health and infection issues from not keeping the pierced site clean enough, especially while the new piercing is healing; bacteria from the mouth is allowed to get into the bloodstream. This is especially true if you have periodontal disease, or infected gums.

Exceptionally good oral hygiene is a must.

There is also the risk of piercing damaging blood vessels, which can cause serious bleeding. Then there is always the possibility of hitting a nerve when they do the piercing, which can be very painful and leave you with a numb area.

So before you decide to go ahead and get a piercing, think about what I just said.