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Questions About Your Private Plan? We've Got Answers!

Let’s get you started! Choosing a great smile is easy, but insurance can be complicated. Don’t worry: Diamond Braces can help. We’ve got answers to all your insurance questions, and our friendly support staff is here to help you every step of the way. Find out more below!

Does my dental insurance cover orthodontic treatment?

If you have dental insurance, your plan likely offers some kind of orthodontic coverage. Diamond Braces will help you verify your insurance information and work directly with your insurer to help secure coverage.

Who does it cover?

Private insurance plans vary widely, but many plans cover anyone listed in the policy, including adults. Depending on the plan, coverage may extend to multiple individuals, or allow you to use the fixed amount of coverage for multiple individuals.

Will it cover treatment in full? 

Typically, private insurance provides a fixed coverage rate, which covers a portion of treatment, not the full amount.

Do I need approval?

No. If you have verified that your dental insurance includes orthodontic coverage, Diamond Braces can begin your treatment and bill your insurance provider immediately.

Can I change my plan during treatment?

Because private insurance varies so widely with orthodontic coverage, we generally recommend that you try to stay on the same plan for the duration of your treatment.

What happens if I lose my insurance?

If you do lose your insurance, and/or your new insurance plan does not include orthodontic coverage, Diamond Braces will help you establish a flexible monthly payment plan that allows you to pay in manageable installments. All Diamond Braces payment plans are interest-free and require no up-front costs. And your bill will be pro-rated for only the remaining balance.

Does my plan cover Invisalign?

Yes. You can use your orthodontic coverage for any treatment you like.

Does my plan cover clear braces?

Yes. See above.

Do I need a referral?

No referral is necessary. If you’ve verified your insurance provider covers orthodontics, you can schedule a consultation with Diamond Braces and begin treatment right away. Our administrative staff will handle all billing for you.

Is Diamond Braces in my network?

We are widely accredited with many insurance providers, but be sure to check your insurance network via the links above before beginning treatment.