Stuck in Braces? Trade them in for Invisalign Aligners and Save $300!

If you’re wearing braces but don’t think they’re for you, Diamond Braces has an offer you may be interested in.

You can “trade-in” your braces and finish orthodontic treatment in style with Invisalign aligners! Removing your braces is performed for free and you’ll save $300 off your new Invisalign treatment!

How it Works

  • Patients let their doctors know they’re interested in “trading in” their braces for Invisalign aligners
  • The doctor will remove the patient’s brackets at no cost and prepare the patient for Invisalign treatment.
  • All diagnostics, scans, and x-rays related to Invisalign treatment are provided at no cost as well.
  • The patient will receive their aligners and finish the remainder of their treatment plan while wearing Invisalign aligners – and save $300 off the total cost of treatment!

What You Get

  • Free braces removal
  • The ability to finish orthodontic treatment in discreet, removable aligners
  • A free 3D intraoral scan
  • All diagnostic records and scans included in the price of treatment
  • Flexible financing and payment options
  • Lower monthly payments than other providers
  • Most insurance plans accepted
  • Convenient locations
  • Treatment guided by an experienced Diamond Plus Invisalign provider.
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