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Brooklyn, NY 11226
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Success Stories

Havis is Excited to Start Orthodontic Treatment

Eleven-year-old Havis came to our Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY office as his overbite was bothering him and his dentist referred him to Diamond Braces as the “go to” place for orthodontic treatment.

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Happy Days at Church

Congratulations on the removal of your braces Atinuke!! We have enjoyed seeing you in the office for so long, its a real shame that we will not be seeing you as often anymore.

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Diamond Braces on Church Avenue in Brooklyn

Our Church Street office puts us in the heart of it all. We’re near Prospect Park and the SUNY Medical complex. We’re also close to some cool lunch spots like La Baguette or Fish and Jerk. Though eating out all the time isn’t good for teeth it’s nice to know we can get a quick, tasty fill up after a morning of fitting patients with braces!

We’ve designed this location to be as open and welcoming as the neighborhood itself is. Gleaming hardwood floors and pretty yellow walls will make you feel like you’re at home. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when you visit with us, and we’ve designed this location with that goal in mind.

Orthodontic Services

We offer top-notch orthodontic services here in our Church Avenue office.

Our orthodontists are experienced enough to offer a wide range of options, including Invisalign, traditional metal braces, ceramic braces and lingual braces.

We take a consultative approach, so plan on sitting down and talking to us about your oral health and what might be best for your unique situation. There’s no such thing as a one-size fits-all approach when it comes to creating a beautiful, healthy smile.

Getting Here

We are located right next to the 2 and 5 subway trains, by the corner of Nostrand Ave. and Church Ave. Depending on where you get out of the subway we are either right in front of the stop or across the street next to the alternative subway station entrance.

We are less than a 1-minute walk from the B44/B44-Select Bus Service at the Nostrand/Church stop. Once off the bus, go south and make a left on Church Avenue.

Walk 2 blocks along Church Avenue until you reach Nostrand Avenue. Turn right at Nostrand Avenue and the Diamond Braces office will be right around the corner.

We are located right next door to the McDonalds and are across the street from Walgreen’s.

Maintaining Oral Health

Healthy eating is one of the best ways you can take care of your teeth and gums. Fortunately, here in Brooklyn it’s easy to do. We’ve got plenty of grocery stores within just a few blocks of our location. Doing your own shopping and cooking is one of the easiest ways to control the amount of sugar, sodium, and salt in your diet. Sugar is especially harmful to your teeth, so this is a good thing!

There are also plenty of fine grocery delivery services. These services can save you a lot of time while making it easy to enjoy healthy foods. Eating out every now and then is fine, but you don’t want to make a habit out of it.

Of course, there’s another big way you can maintain your oral health: by visiting your friendly neighborhood orthodontist. When your teeth are straight it is easier to clean them, floss them, and maintain them. Call us to make an appointment today: (718) 282-8222.

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