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Success Stories

Congratulations Maria on Achieving a Beautiful Smile

For a typical middle schooler, having metal braces are a common aspect of his or her daily life.

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Sisterly Love on Staten Island

We got to see some precious sisterly love at our Staten Island, NY  office when Fatima and Maryam walked in looking excited and hopeful. They had issues with their teeth, which they finally decided to get rid of together.

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Orthodontic Services in Staten Island

We are happy to offer Invisalign and braces services to the residents of Staten Island.

Rest assured you are in the hands of a Top 1% Invisalign provider. In other words, you are being treated by an experienced orthodontist, the most important factor when choosing who will give you a healthy and attractive smile.

To offer our patients the most selection, we offer not only traditional metal braces, but also ceramic and lingual braces. If you have any questions about the different types of braces or if Invisalign is right for you, there is plenty of information on the website to help you make your decision.

As always, you can ask our orthodontists which treatment is the best for your situation. With competitive prices and experienced doctors, Diamond Braces in Staten Island is the solution to your orthodontic needs. Stop by for a free consultation or second opinion.

The beautiful sights and enticing sounds of Willowbrook Park are right outside the windows of our Staten Island office. We admit it – we love hanging out over there when we’re not helping our patients achieve bright, beautiful, straight smiles.

Since we’re right on Richmond Avenue many of our staff members get to view another beautiful sight as we drive in to work. We get to see all the time, effort, and expertise that is going into converting the Freshkills Landfill into Freshkills Park. It’s going to be even bigger than Central Park when it’s done, and we can’t wait to explore it. Watching the process is a bit like watching an orthodontist at work – a beautiful transformation is taking place.

Watching Your Oral Health

Did you know? Weight gain can be linked to tooth decay. We know some of our Staten Island neighbors face quite a few challenges when it comes to eating healthy foods, simply because there aren’t enough grocery stores nearby to make shopping convenient for everyone. One solution would be to get more active. Why not get out and enjoy Willowbrook? There’s something for everyone – hiking, ballfields, tennis courts, and more. And of course we’ll be right there, a convenient place to see to your oral health.

We are orthodontists, not dentists, but we play a big role in preventing cavities and other tooth decay problems all the same. You see, many people think braces or Invisalign are just a cosmetic solution. They do without them, thinking they don’t want to invest into mere vanity. We can respect these frugal attitudes, but a crowded mouth is very difficult to brush or floss. This means getting braces could make a big difference in your ability to enjoy healthy teeth for a lifetime. Many dentists will in fact recommend orthodontic services for this very important reason.

Getting to Our Offices

We’re pretty easy to find! From 278, take Richmond Avenue South. We share a building with AMDS Radiology and Nationwide Insurance. If you see Fanelli Landscape and Supply you’ve gone too far.

Remember, we take most insurance plans. We’re happy to take cash patients as well, and to work out affordable payment plans that make braces “do-able” for every patient. If you live on Staten Island consider making us your orthodontists. Call us to set up an appointment today.

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